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Psychological or mental boundaries determine our lives.

They influence our general well-being, protect us from so called intrusion, regulate what we retain and act as a filter between our innermost selves and our environment. Simultaneously these boundaries influence how and what we show to the outside world. They designate the range and shape of our inner life and allow us to move within its’ capacity. Not only do these personal boundaries give us security, they also determine our appearance. Additionally they protect us by perceiving danger and giving us the ability to discover nurishment.

How can we achieve insight into this complex interaction?

  • How can we consciously develop our own boundaries and behaviour?

  • How can we optimize our boundaries and their functions to coincide with our every day lives?

  • What type of influence do our own boundaries have on social behaviour, relationships and socialisation in general?

  • Could a reshaping of our boundaries lead to a change in behaviour or even heal psychological disturbances?

We would like to pursue these questions in the Centre for Applied Boundary Studies (CABS). At the same time, we wish to protect and prevent undesired intrusion of defined personal boundaries (or set personal limits). We will respect these boundaries, research their development and share this understanding with anyone who is interested.

The support and collaboration of institutions and individuals  concerned with topics related to boundary studies will be actively pursued. Specifically those involved with intense personal exchange for example psychiatrists, psychologists, educators, persons and institutions involved with educational research, ethics and mediation.

The Centre for Applied Boundary Studies will ensure that existing material pertaining to `boundary research`(horizology*) is collected and organized as well as adding new material to this. It will contribute to the coordinating and filing of said material so as to be accessible to everyone who is interested.

There are plans underway to create a meeting place to enable  interdisciplinary exchange. This will facilitate us and others in contributing as well sharing experiences and information.


*The word "horizology" is derived from the Greek word `horizo` and means: to set, limit, separate or divide boundaries.


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